...Ralph is a veteran, having served on 3, or 4 Reunion Committees. his charge for this Reunion is to particpate in maintaining the Official Website for the Reunion! He also participates in a few other Reunion Subcommittees.
Bennie (Lee) Causey:
2009 Reunion Profile:
Reunion Profile From Previous Years ...
Photo From 2004 Reunion - Emeryville, CA.
Photo of Bennie (Lee) Causey, circa 2004
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The reunion should be an action packed, thrilling, eventful and memorable time. Of course, it won't be as much fun without YOU there!.
Grad Photo - Bennie Causey ( Additional Photos )

We'd like you to get to know your Committee Representative. This will, hopefully, impart some insight as to whom they were, and are:

What Kind Of Person Were You In High School?
What Do You Remember Most About High School?
What Did You Do After High School?
What Reunions Have You Attended, And Your Favorite(s)?
What Kind Of Person Are You Now?
What is the greatest lesson that life has taught you?
What would you like to say to your classmates?
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You may contact the R.U.H.S.'69 Reunion Committee in several different ways:
Telephone: Sharon Scott (209) 234-1212, Michael Lee (916) 849-8600,
LaDonna Alexander (510) 821-9633 or Glenn Bomgardner (415) 664-6159
Facsimile: By Arrangement
Email : info@ruhs69.com
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