...Glenn is a veteran, having served on 2 Reunion Committees, and helping with a third. Glenn contributed formatting tips for the 2010 Flyer.  he's also been instrumental in locating errant Classmates,  and updating the mailing list.
Glenn Bomgardner:
2009 Reunion Profile:
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Photo From 2004 Reunion - Emeryville, CA.
Photo of Glenn Bomgardner, circa 2004
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The reunion should be an action packed, thrilling, eventful and memorable time. Of course, it won't be as much fun without YOU there!.
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We'd like you to get to know your Committee Representative. This will, hopefully, impart some insight as to whom they were, and are:

What Kind Of Person Were You In High School?
I was friendly though cautious, adventurous and curious. I wanted to establish a close social network for all of us at school, including staff. I made a practice of knowing who people were and always saying "hi."
What Do You Remember Most About High School?
I remember worrying about whether or not I would graduate, even though I was vice-president of CSF in our Senior year. I STILL have nightmares about this. With some regret I recall that same year losing my third bid for our Class Presidency. I also remember feeling as if I were the only Oiler who was grateful to leave the [musty old] campus on 23rd Street, and tote the rock to the campus next to the park by the YMCA on MacDonald Avenue. Our Junior year stands out in my memory. I had begun working the previous Summer, and many of us were obtaining our ticket-to-freedom, driver's licenses, a step toward adulthood. This was the year that, with the backdrop of the war in Viet Nam, Martin Luther King, Jr and Bobby Kennedy were assassinated, Otis Redding passed, Congress passed the Civil Rights Act, Czechoslovakia took on and was crushed by the Soviet Union, and Nixon won the election. I could feel so much tension and uncertainty on campus; would my friends who were Black maintain such friendships? Grounds supervisor Mr. Ball died of a heart attack during a student uprising that Spring.
What Did You Do After High School?
As many know, I spent several years recovering from injuries suffered after my first semester of college, and eight months after our graduation. I eventually went back to school at San Jose State, San Francisco State, UC Santa Cruz, Sonoma State and Contra Costa Community College. Started working, trying to get my feet on the ground.
What Reunions Have You Attended, And Your Favorite(s)?
I have attended all except the fifteen and twenty five. Difficult to pick favorites, as they have each been different. I liked the ten year. Many people attended, and unlike the five year, we were settling into our more adult personalities. Also ... (Pg 2)
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LaDonna Alexander (510) 821-9633 or Glenn Bomgardner (415) 664-6159
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Email : info@ruhs69.com
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