Map Of Directions To Richmond Civic Center 

  • From San Francisco / Peninsula Areas: Directions are based upon an arbitrary starting point in San Francisco. Adjust your starting point so that you will merge onto I-80 W, travelling across the S.F. / Oakland Bay Bridge (heading toward HAYWARD/STOCKTON).
    • Take the HAYWARD-STOCKTON (CA-24) exit onto I-580 E (MacArthur FWY East towards Downtown Oakland).
    • Continue on I-580 E, DOWNTOWN OAKLAND/HAYWARD/STOCKTON - go 26.242.1 mi. (bearing left toward Castro Valley at HAYWARD/CASTRO VALLEY Junction).
    • Continue travelling on I-580 E heading toward I-580 / I-680 Junction until exit #45/HOPYARD RD/DOUGHERTY RD.
    • Take exit #45/HOPYARD RD/DOUGHERTY RD - go short distance (approximately 0.91.5 mi.), until reaching HOPYARD RD.
    • Turn Right on HOPYARD RD - go short distance down HOPYARD RD (approximately 0.10.2 mi.), until reaching OWENS DR.
    • Turn Right on OWENS DR - contine driving down OWENS DR for a short distance (approximately 0.20.3 mi.).
    • Turn Right on JOHNSON DR - contine driving down JOHNSON DR for a short distance (approximately 1.01.6 mi.).
  • Arrive at 7050 JOHNSON DR, PLEASANTON (Hilton Hotel), on the Left.
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You may contact the R.U.H.S.'69 Reunion Committee in several different ways:
Telephone: Sharon Scott (209) 234-1212, Michael Lee (916) 849-8600,
LaDonna Alexander (510) 821-9633 or Glenn Bomgardner (415) 664-6159
Facsimile: By Arrangement
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