...To build upon the noble contributions of previous organizers, and provide the most Thrilling, eventful, and highly attended High School Reunion to date! We understand that this will be difficult, as the previous reunions have been outstanding!
Our celebrations have been held in a variety of locations around the bay area, at several different venues, with a particular favorite being H's Lordships, in the Berkeley Marina.

we are especially hopeful for this Reunion, as it represents a milestone, our 40th year anniversary celebration! Additionally, we are particularly pleased to announce that we are holding our reunion, for the 1st time, within the CITY of Richmond, at the Richmond Memorial Auditorium!

It is the 2009 Committee's goal to emphasize the importance of this upcoming event, and take our celebration to the next level!

We hope to accomplish this lofty goal by achieving several objectives. Specifically we hope to:

  • Achieve a alumni participation level of at least 200 attendees. With an alumni as large as the 1969 Richmond High graduating class, it ought to be more difficult to limit the attendance to 200, rather than the contrary. Come on we want YOU there!
  • Reduce the cost to participate in the festivities. This will largely contribute towards fulfilling the first goal. We are implementing several strategies to effect this objective. Specifically:
    • We are establishing an online RUHS '69 Reunion Store! You can purchase a wide selection of merchandise and services. This includes pens, mugs, hats, shirts and jackets, warm up suits, key chains, and a large selection of other memorabilia, most of which are monogrammed with the Richmond High Reunion Logos! Click on store link, or go to www.shop.ruhs69.com.
    • We are seeking Sponsors. These may be comprised of alumni, willing to make a special contribution to help facilitate others, who for one reason or another, may need assistance to attend. These may also be comprised of various combinations of individual, family, and,or groups.
    • We also gratefully welcome contributions from civic, scholastic, business, corporate, and other institutional organizations. these may take the form of monetary assistance, or products/services.
  • Contributions will be acknowledged on our R.U.H.S. '69 website!

All net proceeds ( after expenses ) from the above referenced activities and agreements will go towards making attendance as cost effective as we possibly can!. Help the Reunion, and yourself out!. Shop till you drop!

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You may contact the R.U.H.S.'69 Reunion Committee in several different ways:
Telephone: Sharon Scott (209) 234-1212, Michael Lee (916) 849-8600,
LaDonna Alexander (510) 821-9633 or Glenn Bomgardner (415) 664-6159
Facsimile: By Arrangement
Email : info@ruhs69.com
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Send mail to:  webservant@ruhs69.com with questions or comments about this web site.
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