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Mr. Perry's Retirement Celebration:
September, 2007 - Richmond, CA.
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40th Year Reunion
The reunion should be an action packed, thrilling, eventful and memorable time. Of course, it won't be as much fun without YOU there!.
How It Came To Be:
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Michael Lee Speaks With A Neighbor!:
Michael Lee was in conversation with his neighbor recently in Sacramento. Somehow the conversation turned to past education. When Michael mentioned Mr. Perry, his 6th grade teacher from Peres Elementary (Richmond, CA.), he was astounded to learn that his neighbor not only knew Mr. Perry, but had worked with him. He informed Michael that Mr. Perry now lived in Sacramento, and that he had his current address.

Michael was given his phone number, and subsequently contacted him. What resulted, after informing some of his 6th Grade Alumni, many of whom attended Richmond High School, was a Retirement Celebration,

Photo of Mr. Perry's 6th Grade Alumni Celebration Cake
Mr. Perry's 6th Grade Class:
Class of '64 - Peres Elementary:
1963-1964 - Richmond, CA.
 6th Grade Class
1984 - Turf Club (Golden Gate Flds):
R.U.H.S. '69 Reunions Past Photos:
H's. Lordships, 1974 - Berkeley, CA.
5th Year Reunion
hosted by Annette Langston. What a time we had!

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