The Sound Of Our Lives!
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Site visitors! - We are still planning the activities for our celebration. If you would like to participate in formatting the night, submit your ideas in the dissussion forum, or email us!
Activity 1:
Our Graduating Class Has Talent!
We Have The Stage, We Need You! ...
Want To Appear On The Program? ...
Activity 2: (Maybe Something About Entertainment For The Evening ...
Civic Center/Auditorium Grand ReOpening Celebration Sept. 12, 2009, After Remodel
Michael Lee (a.k.a. 'Ray Charles') and the 'Raylettes'
How About Trying Karaoke Again?" 
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View exciting photos from some of our past reunions. After seeing what a great time we experienced, you'll be sure and attend our next get together!
In Memoriam Heading
The reunion should be an action packed, thrilling, eventful and memorable time. Of course, it won't be as much fun without YOU there!.

Shout Out! SuperGroup(s) Wanted,
Performing Artist(s) Needed!
Reunion Night Highlights Go Here:
Richmond, and Bay Area Online ...
R.U.H.S.'69 Committee Profiles ...
Then, ... and Now ...
Ask For Input Here! Ask for ideas from the rest of the Committtee, or even for activity ideas/input for night from site visitors.
Click Here (Maybe Give Prize To Winning Idea)
Put Something Here About Some Activity That Will Close Out The Night
Coach Abel Celebration Luncheon - November '07 At H's Lordships
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You may contact the R.U.H.S.'69 Reunion Committee in several different ways:
Telephone: Sharon Scott (209) 234-1212, Michael Lee (916) 849-8600,
LaDonna Alexander (510) 821-9633 or Glenn Bomgardner (415) 664-6159
Facsimile: By Arrangement
Email : info@ruhs69.com
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