The Sound Of Our Lives!
... Let's make this one for the ages, and celebrate not only our 40th reunion, but the anniversary of our 60th Birthday, as well!!!
Hs' Lordships - Berkeley, California:
R.U.H.S.'69 - 45th Year Reunion Site!
Based upon response from our Classmates, our 45th Year High School Reunion has been Rescheduled for Sept. 24, 2011 ,
6 P.M - 12 P.M. and combined with our 60th Birthday Celebration!.
(agenda ...)
Want To Appear On The Program? ...
Rooms At Discounted Rates! ...
Book and Reserve Your Room At RUHS Disounted Rates! (book here ...)
The reunion should be an action packed, thrilling, eventful and memorable time. Of course, it won't be as much fun without YOU there!.

Venue Highlights:
Then, ... and Now ...
Recent Venue Visits! To get an idea of the quality of the facility in which our event is to be held, view scenes from some of the RUHS Committee's onsite visit(s).
2011 (*2009) Reunion SubCommitee Visit To Hilton
Click Here to view images from RUHS '69 Committee site visits!
R.U.H.S '69 would like to thank the Hilton Hotel Staff and Associates, and Our Particiapting Sponsors and Vendors!
xxx Provided The Initial Donation That Facilitated The Impetus For Our Event!
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You may contact the R.U.H.S.'69 Reunion Committee in several different ways:
Telephone: Sharon Scott (209) 234-1212, Michael Lee (916) 849-8600,
LaDonna Alexander (510) 821-9633 or Glenn Bomgardner (415) 664-6159
Facsimile: By Arrangement
Email : info@ruhs69.com
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